Ljubljana, Slovenia



Me and my best friend FINALLY went on our first holiday together! and no it wasn’t to Magaluf or Ibiza because, well No Thanks… so we travelled to Slovenia. We stayed on the side of a beautiful lake named ‘Bled’ and the views were just amazing.

We spent the majority of the 4 days hiking (yep HIKING) up hills and mountains. I am so not the hiking type but to get the views we got, it was worth it! We hiked up a mountain called Ojstrica, which took us 3 hours but I Could of stayed at the top of that mountain all day.



When we booked Slovenia I was expecting freezing temperatures with a suitcase full of jumpers. However when we got there the weather was beautiful! and I really didn’t need my 100’s of jumpers i’d brought. It had been snowing a few days before so i still had an excuse to wear my favourite shearling coat of course…


JBAW3259If you like scenic holidays, Slovenia should definitely be on your list. Me and the bestie had an amazing time and we already have plans for our next adventure!

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Hey guys welcome to my blog…

My Name is Katie Ann Barker and I am a 22 year old student studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising. I have a pretty chaotic life with Uni and 2 jobs so I try to make sure I have time for myself and travel as much as I can (another one of my favourite things to do).I created this blog mainly for myself because there is nothing I enjoy more than trying on different outfits, and having this blog means I have even more of an excuse to do so!

Feel free to snoop through my blog 🙂 enjoy!

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So, I’ve not posted for months due to me staring Uni and it slightly taking over my life. I decided (about a month before the beginning of term) that I wanted to go to university as I was almost 22 and felt it was finally the right time to go, and so I applied. It all kind of happened really quickly from applying to it being my first day, but now I have been given the chance to study something I love, which I admit is difficult but amazing at the same time. (I cant believe I’ve completed my first year already!). Deciding to apply for university is the best thing I did. Its given me so much confidence and i’ve met some great people.

As its been snowing for what feels like a lifetime, i’ve jumped at the chance to wear all of my favourite coats, and layer up as much as possible.





I am so obsessed with shearling coats so when I saw this one for almost HALF PRICE  I couldn’t resist. Saving for a mortgage means I have to be tight when it comes to spending (especially when you spend as much money as I do on clothes!) so finding a bargain is something i’ve become a pro at. Being a student has its perks, with Uni days giving me soo many discount codes it means I can buy that little bit more…


Zara is completely my favourite store right now.  ( it probably helps that the store is en route my work). I love their endless collection of basics that are so affordable I hardly ever leave without at least a plain white tee. I recently travelled to Slovenia, and I even managed to find a Zara over there too :’) which is where I bought this gorgeous printed tee! I’m not a much of a ‘lets go to Ibiza and get wasted’ kind of girl which is why I loved Slovenia. For someone who is obsessed with site seeing it was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend going!

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